» Vol.76 No.1

Vol.76 No.1

Vol. 76 June 2004 No.1
The Role of Agriculture in Transition Economies : Evidence from the Republic of Macedonia A. Chitose (1)
Kainou-gikai and Kainou-zappou : One Agricultural Societyin the Early Stages of the Meiji Era : 1874—1878 K. Tomoda (16)
Economic Analysis of Electronic Auction in Japanese Flower Wholesale Markets : Centering on Dutch Auction with “Mari” M. Inoue and H. Takeya (25)
Recent Trends in the Efficiency of Vegetable Distribution Systems : Comparison with Minimum-Cost Distribution T. Takahashi (33)
Expecting Identity in the Editorial Board H. Mori (44)
Y. Kawaji, Y. Fuchino and K. Nomoto, Agricultural Education and Chinese Students Studying in Japan during Wartime S. Tama (45)
T. Oyama, Organic Food Systems : International Perspective Y. Shikata (46)
K. Henmi, Feeding 1.3 Billion People : Difficulties in Rural China H. Kawashima (48)
K. Otsuka and T. Kurosaki, Education and Economic Development : Towards Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries T. Sakurai (50)

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