» Vol.72 No.2

Vol.72 No.2


Vol. 72 September 2000 No.2
The New Direction in Japanese Agriculture for the 21st Century
—Some Issues on the Sustainable Development of Agriculture—
—Reports and Discussions at the Annual Meeting of the Society—
Presidential Address T. Ohtahara (35)
Chairman’s Address S. Usami (36)
The End of Globalism Y. Hara (39)
A Study on the Significance of Quality Policies in Food Systems Utilizing Convention Economics Y. Niiyama (47)
Restructuring of Regional Agriculture and Endogenous Development Theory Y. Moritomo (60)
Dissolution, Monopoly and Revival of the Farming System in the Centennial Reformation Period K. Nakajima (71)
Comments K. Otsuka, M. Umemoto, K. Noda (83)
Discussions (86)
Chairman’s Generalization S. Usami (95)
Closing Address S. Inamoto (96)
Y. Ando, Life Cycle Patterns and Labor Supply of Current Farmers —the Way to Educate as Satisfactory to Farmers— M. Akitsu (97)
Y. Hayami, M. Kikuchi, A Rice Village Saga: Three Decades of Green Revolution in the Philippines N. Fuwa (98)
Y. Zhou, A Study on the Agricultural Marketing System and Policies in China K. Suganuma (101)

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