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The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan (AESJ)

1 History

The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan (AESJ) was established in 1924 for the purpose of fostering academic research and development in the field of Agricultural Economics, and promoting sound ruraldevelopment and agricultural industry in Japan. The AESJ has one of the longest histories of the many social science-related organizations that exist in Japan today.

The AESJ publishes the Japanese-language quarterly research bulletin, Nogyo Keizai Kenkyu (e.g., Journal of Rural Economics). Presently, the series has reached Volume more than 80. Since 1999, the AESJ additionally publishes The Japanese Journal of Agricultural Economics in English for the purpose of disseminating academic work pertaining to Japanese agriculture world-wide.

2 Main activities
  1. Holding of regular meetings and research-oriented seminars
    The AESJ holds an annual societal conference, multiple academic symposia, and various research-oriented presentations during the calendar year.
  2. Publication of three types of the research bulletins
    The AESJ publishes Journal of Rural Economics (in Japanese) and The Japanese Journal of Agricultural Economics (in English).
  3. Awards
    The AESJ confers the “Agricultural Economics Society of Japan Award for Excellency in Academic Publishing” to society members who have authored books fulfilling the necessary criterion on a discretionary basis.
  4. International cooperation
    The AESJ promotes international cooperative activities in agricultural economics with the relevant overseas societies.
  5. Participation in academic federations
    The AESJ participates in alliances of scientific societies, such as the Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies and the Japanese Economic Association.
  6. Other publication activities
    The AESJ publishes books and other academic works relating to agricultural economics.
  7. Other activities
    The AESJ conducts additional activities as deemed necessary to the Society’s goals.
3 Officers (term of duty: April 2010 - March 2012)

President: Dr. Masayoshi Honnma (Tokyo University)
Vice-Presidents: Dr. Kiyohide Morita (Nihon University), Dr. Osamu Saito (Chiba University), Dr. Tatsuro Suehara (Kyoto University), and Dr. Shunsuke Yanagimura (Hokkaido University)

4 Membership

The total membership of the AESJ is now about 1,600. Regular members total approximately 1,100 persons, while undergraduate and graduate student members number around 500 persons.

5 Contacts
  1. The AESJ Secretariat aesj@aafs.or.jp
  2. c/o Dr. Tatsuji Koijumi, Chief Secretary, koizu@affrc.go.jp
  3. Home-page https://www.aesjapan.or.jp
address is Office of the Agricultural Economics Society of Japan
C/o Kyouritsu
F2 Shin Kyouritsu Building
2-22-4 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0033

Tel 03-3551-9896

FAX 03-3553-2047

Email office@aesjapan.

You can see the Japanese site from here.

You can see the Japanese site from here.

Membership Application Form

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Economics Society of Japan may
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