» Vol.77 No.2

Vol.77 No.2

Vol. 77 September 2005 No.2
Evaluation of Local Food Self-Sufficiency Ratio from the Standpoint of “Produce Locally and Consume Locally” : Using Regional Input-Output Analysis T. Fujimoto (57)
Farm Management Abilities of Farmers and Villages in Rural China: Panel Data Analysis of Profit Function A. Asami, Y. Senda, L. Cao and H. Tsujii (67)
H.Tsujimura,Coffee and North-South Problem: The Food System of Kilimanjaro Coffee H. Isoda (78)
N. Imamura, A. Zhang and T. Odagiri, Strategy for Rural Development of a Local Town in China S. Kawahara (79)
Y. Matsuda, The CAP Direct Payments: Structure and Function K. Ishii (81)
K. Fujita, Rural Development and Changing Class Structure in Bangladesh R. Yamazaki (83)
R. Yamazaki, Agriculture in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam Y. Morooka (85)

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