» About instructions for Paper Submission to 2010 Journal of Rural Economics, Special Issue

About instructions for Paper Submission to 2010 Journal of Rural Economics, Special Issue

Instructions for Paper Submission to
2010 Journal of Rural Economics, Special Issue
〔 Japanese
1. Email Addresses and Mail Subject

1) Paper should be submitted via email to both (1) the Editorial Office of JRE in the Center for Academic Publications Japan and (2) the editor in charge of e-submission of JRE

2) Email Addresses: agri-eco@capj.or.jp; aizaki@affrc.go.jp
Note: The above addresses use Japanese “zenkaku letters” to avoid spam mails. If you copy & paste those addresses and email us, you cannot reach us. You must type those addresses by yourself.

3) Subject of the Email: JRE author’s name & membership ID

Example of subject: JRE yoneda0317778888

2. Files to Submit

1) Author(s) must submit the following two files
1. Manuscript (PDF)sample1
2. Author(s) information sheet (Excel) sample2

2) Number of pages of a manuscript must be within 4 to 8 pages.

3) Author(s) must send both a manuscript and an information sheet attached to an email.

Note: The first author must be a member of The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan. Author must fill in the author information sheet. If you do not know your membership ID, please leave it blank.

3. Deadline April 12th, 2010
4. File Format

(a) The manuscript file should be converted into a PDF file.

(b)The maximum file size is 1MB.

(c)Figures, tables and text must be in black and white.

(d) The file name must be “author’s name & membership ID.”

Note: Any file above 1 MB cannot be accepted. For such a case, please contact the editorial office before submission. Also, if you have any difficulty in the conversion into a PDF file, please contact the same.

5. Confirmation of the Reception The corresponding author will receive an email to acknowledge the reception of the manuscript by April 19th. If you do not receive any email, please contact the editorial office  after April 19th.
6. Submission of Final Manuscript and Publication Charge

Submission of Final Manuscript
1) After a review of the manuscript, the corresponding author will receive a letter (by post or email) about the review results.
2) When revisions are requested, please complete necessary revisions and send the files of revised manuscript and revision report to the above email addresses.
3) When the manuscript is accepted for publication, please send a hard copy of the final manuscript to the editorial office by post.
4) For the details of submission, please refer to an email which will be sent from the editorial office after the review.
Author(s) must pay publication charge (5,000 YEN/page).

7. Contact

Editorial Office of Journal of Rural Economics
Center for Academic Publications Japan
2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0032, JAPAN
TEL:03-3817-5821; FAX:03-3817-5830
Email: agri-eco@capj.or.jp

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address is Office of the Agricultural Economics Society of Japan
C/o Kyouritsu
F2 Shin Kyouritsu Building
2-22-4 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0033

Tel 03-3551-9896

FAX 03-3553-2047

Email office@aesjapan.

You can see the Japanese site from here.

You can see the Japanese site from here.

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