» [postponed]Oral and Poster Presentation Program at the AESJ 2020 Annual Meeting

[postponed]Oral and Poster Presentation Program at the AESJ 2020 Annual Meeting

Dear Members,

We are pleased to inform to you that we issue the oral and poster presentation program at our 2020 annual meeting.

1. The presenter is requested to confirm the schedule/venue of your presentation and the following presentation guideline:

2. Presenters using projectors for their presentations need to bring a laptop computer. Please prepare the computer having RGB (VGA) or HDMI output terminal, or an appropriate conversion adopter. There is a projector and connectors in the presentation room. All presenters using the projector need to do a test-run on the equipment in the presentation room in advance to make sure there are no technical problems (i.e., by 9:00 for the morning session, and during lunchtime for the afternoon session). We do not extend the presentation time due to the connection failure. Just in case, we recommend that you bring a USB flash drive with the PDF file for your presentation. The secretariat does not receive your presentation file in advance.

3. The authors will be able to submit the manuscript to JJAE by e-mail to the Editorial Office of the Journal of Rural Economics (Nogyo Keizai Kenkyu) in the Center for Academic Publications Japan. More detailed information will be posted on our website soon after the meeting.

Sincerely yours,

The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan

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