» Notes to contributors to the Journal of Rural Economics (JRE), Special Issue (“Nihon Nogyo Keizai Gakkai Ronbun-shu”)

Notes to contributors to the Journal of Rural Economics (JRE), Special Issue (“Nihon Nogyo Keizai Gakkai Ronbun-shu”)

【Last revised on】
(Eligibility for submission)
1. Only members of The Agricultural Economic Society of Japan, who are presenters either at the poster or oral presentation session at the annual meeting of Agricultural Economic Society, can submit manuscripts. Members who want to submit manuscripts have to notify their plan for submission.
(Style and page limitation)
2. Manuscripts must be typewritten horizontally by word processor. Follow the style of the sample in the special issue. The manuscript must be 4 to 6 pages. Any manuscripts of 3 pages or less would not be accepted.
(Submitted manuscript )
3. Four manuscripts in A4 size white paper including figures and tables laid out properly, should be submitted. Since downsized copies are used for printing of this special issue, submitted manuscript should be very clear. There is no proof reading, so authors should check carefully for misspelling, typing errors, style of references, and so on.
(Writing forms)
4. With respect to the general forms of writing, refer to the notes to contributors of Journal of Rural Economics (“Nogyo Keizai Kenkyu” or Japanese Journal of Rural Economics). In case manuscript is in Japanese, attach the title in English. Number footnotes consecutively throughout the paper. The numbers should appear at the right shoulder of a word with one-sided parenthesis, e.g., 1), 2), 3), etc. Footnotes should be located at the bottom on the same page that the footnotes appear. Submit another sheet with number of pages, title in Japanese, names of authors, title in English, names of authors in Roman letter, the name of submitted author, address with postal code, telephone and fax number, and email address.
(Send to:)
5. Manuscripts in the form of PDF file with an information sheet should be sent by email to the editorial office of Journal of Rural Economics (agri-eco@capj.or.jp). The manuscripts and information sheet should be submitted
no later than 14 days after the annual meeting of the Agricultural Economic Society
(the deadline is specified in the homepage).
(Acceptance of manuscript)
6. Acceptance of the manuscript for publication is decided by the editorial committee of the journal.
7. No offprints are provided.
8. There is no proofread.
9. Author(s) must pay publication charge. The length published in the journal is up to 6 pages and a charge is applied as follows: 4 pages 20,000 yen; 5 pages 30,000 yen; 6 pages 50,000 yen.
  1. Revisions of this guide cannot be made without permission from the board of directors of the Agricultural Economic Society.
  2. This guide came into effect as of March 29, 2014.
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You can see the Japanese site from here.

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