» Vol.72 No.4

Vol.72 No.4


Vol. 72 March 2001 No.4
The Change of Development Policies of the Manchuria Government and Japanese Emigration to Manchuria in the 1930s and 1940s S. Tama (157)
Determinants of Public Irrigation Investments in the Philippines: A Granger Causality Test A. Maruyama, H. Fujiie, and M. Kikuchi (165)
Economy, Technologies, and Autonomous Farmers Formation in Recent Japanese Rice Farming N. Kanazawa (175)
Society for the Study of Food Policy, ed., Japanese Rice and Food with the Permission of WTO S. Ito (185)
S. Ando, On Starting of Industrial Policy, MINGYO, by Okubo Toshimichi in the Early Meiji Era K. Nomoto (186)
K. Morita, The Development and Structure of Agricultural Land System Y. Fuchino (189)
M. Hoshi, Studies of Contemporary Agricultural Problem K. Morita (190)
M. Ishida, Socio-economic Analysis of Japanese Peasants’ Behavior S. Fukui (192)

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