» Vol.72 No.3

Vol.72 No.3


Vol. 72 December 2000 No.3
The Behavior of Agricultural Households under Constrained Off-Farm Wage Employment: An Alternative Decomposition of Their Comparative Statics Analysis T. Sonoda and Y. Maruyama (109)
Assessing the Convergent Validity of Environmental Benefit Estimates by a Benefit Transfer Approach: Applications of Meta-Analysis and Benefit Function Transfer K. Yoshida (122)

Evaluating the Effects of Incentives and Operating Rules on the Performance of Insurance Divisions in Japanese Agricultural Cooperatives

Y. Watanabe (131)
Studies on Farm Management towards Agricultural and Rural Development: A Review of Rural Survey Experiences in South and Southeast Asia H. Nishimura (142)
M. Nakajima, Multiple Farming in Regional Agriculture: A Practical Approach to Farmers with Cooperation of the Community

N. Tsuboi (147)
Y. Nishida and K. Kase, eds., Japan’s Agricultural Problems under the Rapid Economic
Growth: Challenges to the Postwar Owner Cultivator Regime
Y. Tashiro (148)
H. Mikuni, ed., Problem of Agricultural Market in Japan and Asia: Issues of Food and Environment under Market Globalization J. Shen (150)

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