» Vol.73 No.4

Vol.73 No.4

Vol. 73 March 2002 No.4
Developing the Grain Related Facilities Simulator for Evaluation of Management Policies H. Aizaki (151)
Retirement of Part-time Farming Structure in a Flat Part-time Farming Area: A Study of an Area where the Agricultural Co-op Invested Farming Company is Growing A. Nonaka (161)
“Another Way” in the History of Wheat and Barley Cropping after World War II: Revaluation of the Society for the Study of Wheat and Barley in Wheat and Barley Policy after World War II and the Barley Polishing Industries T. Hasemi (170)
A. Fujimoto and K. Abdullah, eds.,Highland Vegetable Cultivation in Indonesia: A Multi-Disciplinary Study toward Eco-Eco Farming M. Mizuno (186)
Y. Hiraoka, The Milk Marketing Board in England and Wales M. Yasaka (187)

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