» Vol.77 No.1

Vol.77 No.1

Vol. 77 June 2005 No.1
Agricultural Natural Resources and Sustainable Development of Paddy Cultivation in Heilongjiang Province,China W. H. Li and M. Nakagawa (1)
Economic Evaluation of Multi-functionality of Horse Production Using Individual Travel Cost Method K. Sato (12)
Competitiveness of the Japanese Bread Baking Industry and Downward Rigidity of Price: A Conjectural Variations Approach Y. Kojima (23)
Cooperative Work System in Hateruma Island: New Evidence from a Recent Field Survey I. Miyanishi (36)
Y. Nakashima, Economic Analysis of Food Safty Issues S. Kai (47)
K. Higurashi, Rural Finance T. Kawamura (48)
T. Ueji and C. Kajikawa, Theoreitical Study of Industrial Organization in Food Industry M. Hirano (50)

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