» Vol.78 No.1

Vol.78 No.1

Vol. 78 June 2006 No.1
A Study on the Pursuit of Multi-business by Chinese Rural Credit Corporations during the Republic Period S. Kawahara (1)
An Empirical Application of the Linear Programming Model for Agricultural Land Use Planning : Through the Valuation of  Negative Externalities Caused by Farmland Abandonment in Marginal Areas H. Yagi (12)
Assessing the Political Factor in the Decision-making Process of the Producer’s Price of Rice under the 1955 System M. Kobari (22)
Civil War Shock, Poverty, and Soil Degradation : Evidence from  Rural Household Data in Burkina Faso T. Sakurai (34)
M. Senda, Rejuvenation of Cattle Farming and Land Resources
in LFAs by Grazing
K. Araki (50)
H. Yamamoto, Advanced Distribution Policy of Perishable Foodstuff : Renovation of Wholesale Marketing System H. Fujishima (52)

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