» Vol.78 No.4

Vol.78 No.4

Vol. 78 March 2007 No.4
Interpretation on Creation of the Street Scenery by Action Intuition T. Hasebe (163)
Effects of the Conservation Set-Aside Program on the Farm Economy in China :
The Cases of Shanxi Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
S. Oniki, M. Kagatsume,

J. Yu and B. Gensuo

The Export Subsidy Effect and Trade Distortiveness of Domestic Price 

 Discrimination in Major Dairy Producing Countries

N. Kuga (181)
Has Nokei Become Fat? Y. Izumida (190)
T. Mori, Japanese Rural Society during both World War : Peasant Movement and Agricultural Cooperative Association M. Tanaka (192)
M. Ouchi, Changing Farm Business in the Present-Day Japan Y. Kawamura (193)
T. Miyazaki, Rural Development for Green Tourism and Agriculture in Japan
and Asian Countries
Y. Ohe (195)
H. Sakazume, H. Park and A. Sakashita, Export Strategy by Chinese
Vegetable Enterprises : Impacts of the Residual Pesticide Problem and  the Overcoming Process
K. Oshima (197)
T. Suda, The Basic Theories of Japanese Agriculture M. Okuma (199)
Y. Tashiro, Community Farming and Agricultural Production Legal Persons :
Promoting Agricultural Co-operatings
T. Kobayashi (200)

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