» Rules of the Agricultural Ecconomics Society of Japan

Rules of the Agricultural Ecconomics Society of Japan

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Article 1 (Name)
This Society shall be named the Agricultural Economics Society of Japan.
Article 2 (Purpose)
The purpose of the Society shall be to carry out research on agricultural economy and thereby contribute to the development of agricultural economics as well as agriculture and rural communities.
Article 3 (Activities)
To achieve its purpose, the Society shall engage in the following activities:

  1. Holding of meetings for research-oriented presentations, academic lectures, etc.;
  2. Editing and publication of its official journals, Journal of Rural Economics (Nogyo Keizai Kenkyu in Japanese); The Special Issue of the Journal of Rural Economics (Nihon Nogyo Keizai Gakkai Ronbunshu in Japanese;); and The Japanese Journal of Rural Economics;
  3. Conferral of awards for research achievements;
  4. Research liaison with other academic societies and international exchange;
  5. Participation in the Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies and the Union of National Economic Associations in Japan;
  6. Publication of academic books on agricultural economy; and
  7. Other activities necessary to achieve the purpose of the Society.
Article 4 (Membership)
The Society shall consist of the following types of members:

  1. Regular members: researchers and other individuals who support the purpose of the Society;
  2. Student members: students who support the purpose of the Society;
  3. Subscriber members: corporations or other organizations which support the purpose of the Society and subscribe to the periodic publications of the Society;
  4. Supporting members: individuals and corporations or other organizations which support the purpose and activities of the Society; and
  5. Honorary members: persons who have served as President or Vice-President, or persons who are recognized by the Board of Directors as having made outstanding contributions to the Society, and are 65 years of age or older.

A person who wishes to become a member shall apply in the prescribed form and obtain the approval of the Board of Directors.
All members are required to pay membership fees to be eligible for participation in activities of the Society and receipt of periodic publications, etc.

Article 5 (Membership Fees)
The annual membership fees are as follows:

  • Regular members: 8,500 yen
  • Student members: 3,000 yen
  • Subscriber members: 8,500 yen
  • Supporting members: at least one unit of 50,000 yen

Honorary members shall be exempt from the payment of fees.
Any member who does not pay membership fees shall be removed from the membership roster after deliberation by the Board of Directors.

Article 6 (Officers)
The Society shall have, as its officers, a President, four Vice-Presidents, several directors, and two auditors. The Society may, in certain special cases, appoint a temporary Vice-President with the approval of the general meeting.
Directors and auditors shall be appointed at the general meeting.
The President may designate several directors when deemed necessary. With regard to such directors designated by the President, approval shall be required at the next general meeting.
The President and Vice-Presidents shall be elected from among the members of the Board of Directors.
The term of office of officers shall be two (2) years, and any officer may be reappointed.
The methods of electing officers shall be specified separately.
Article 7 (President)
The President shall preside over the affairs of the Society and shall represent the Society. The Vice-Presidents shall assist the President and shall perform the duties of the President in his or her place during the period when he or she is unavailable. Vice-Presidents shall divide amongst themselves the responsibilities for editing of the Society’s journals, selection of recipients for the Society’s awards, coordination of international activities, and planning.
Article 8 (General Meeting)
The ordinary general meeting shall be held once a year to deliberate and vote on the report of activities, the financial report, the audit report, the activities plan, the budget, and other important matters of the Society.
An extraordinary general meeting may be convened whenever the President and the Board of Directors deem it necessary.
The general meeting shall be convened by the President who shall be the chairperson of the meeting.
A decision of the general meeting shall be made by a majority of the members present, and in case of a tie vote, the chairperson shall make the decision.
Article 9 (Board of Directors)
The Board of Directors shall consist of all directors, and shall deliberate and vote on matters concerning the activities and management of the Society.
The meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held at least once a year, and shall be convened by the President.
The Board of Directors may not hold a meeting and vote unless a majority of its incumbent directors are present.
The Board of Directors shall elect several executive directors from among its directors and make them responsible for general affairs, accounting, editing of publications, etc.
The Board of Directors may appoint several secretariat staff members to handle the affairs of the Society. Such secretariat staff members shall be appointed by the President.
Article 10 (Committees)
In order to carry out its activities, the Society shall set up the Editorial Committee of Journals, the Award Selection Committee, the Planning Committee, and other necessary committees under the Board of Directors.
Article 11 (Business Year and Fiscal Year)
The business year of the Society shall begin on April 1 and end on March 31 of the following year. The fiscal year, however, shall begin on March 1 and end on the last day of February of the following year.
Article 12 (Office)
The Society shall have its office located within the office of Nourin Tokei Kyokai (Association of Agriculture and Forestry Statistics), whose address is Meguro Sumiya Building, 3-9-13, Shimo-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
Article 13 (Amendments)
All amendments of these Rules shall be made by a decision of the Board of Directors.
Supplementary Provisions
These Rules shall be amended and put into force as of September 15, 2004.
address is Office of the Agricultural Economics Society of Japan
C/o Kyouritsu
F2 Shin Kyouritsu Building
2-22-4 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0033

Tel 03-3551-9896

FAX 03-3553-2047

Email office@aesjapan.

You can see the Japanese site from here.

You can see the Japanese site from here.

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